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It's a 3GS running 6. No I'll try that next! On the uploader I get a screen that says uploader at the top of the page, but when I click "upload" the page doesn't load. By the uploader, do you mean http: I'm using the uploadfile. GarageBand is still loading. The correct page should be http: Can you tell me how big they are? I will download them and manually upload them if it fails on your end. You can make the posts if you want or I can make them and credit you, whatever you like: I don't mind: I don't need credit, I just want people to be able to use their iDevices again.

Yeah the upload size is too small. Changing now. I am downloading your apps now and will upload them to http: Was able to snag a 4S on iOS 5. Try to purchase any Buy-It-Now item. Doesn't matter if you actually want to buy it. It will prompt you to sign in.

If you are coming here looking for help with iOS versions 7.1.2 and below

Continually punch in your login info and it will eventually log in. If you don't actually want the item, just press 'cancel' or whatever. Would this site work as well? Basically this site has a crap ton of external identifiers that you can use to downgrade apps you purchased that are no longer supported like YouTube and Google maps. That site will only work as long as Apple keeps the outdated apps on their server. They slowly started removing apps permanently September 7th last year. This process will be accelerated after iOS 11 drops. I could download the apps using the external identifiers, make the apps I currently have into.

I'm not sure I'm able to post the link to the Install0us 2 repo here but a little big of imagination can get you far: The only problem I have with this is that I can download any of these and see the purchaser's First and last name and email. Some dickhead uploaded a file called index. I guess I did not. Will fix asap. Thanks anonymous Redditer who did this. Sincerely thank you whoever did this for not fucking up more things. Apparently uploading php files was possible too.

That could've caused some damage. Edit 2: Disabled uploads for now as a super quick dirty fix. Will fix upload file tonight.

How to hack subway surfers (iOS)

Looks like someone uploaded two files "imnothackingyou. Making an index. Anyone that can find an ipa of the old ireddit app, that would be amazing. Not only would I just like to check it out again, but I just want to preserve a bit of reddit history. When i hit download on my ipad 2 it says "open in ifile" i press it and nothing happens. That's a problem with either Safari or iFile. I personally download them through Install0us BYA repo note to mods: Install0us is only a piracy tool if you use it as such. It's just a file downloader that has the options to install IPA's so don't delete this post for piracy since there is none involved and then install with IPA Installer Bigboss repo because Install0us' install function doesn't work on iOS 6.

There are several ways to do it, but this is what I personally do. I've got quite some apps in my archive as well. Right now I'm not having any success uploading them. Keeps failing. I might post a list in the near couple of days, just so someone can chime in and seem if there's something they are looking for. Anyone have it? As Electimon said, I'm fixing some important stuff. Apologies for the inconvenience but it's better for everyone in the long term: Fixing the file uploader and fixing the spam on the forum.

In the process of fixing the forum, I deleted almost all user accounts.

iOS 4.1 games free download

Yours may be deleted too, if so I am sorry for this. Please register again.

Files will be uploaded at http: All files will be uploaded to http: It automatically links the uploaded files to your forum account. You can delete the file at any time if it doesn't work anymore or if you have uploaded a bad file. You can only upload files with an forum account. This is to prevent uploads of unwanted files, and so people can post about their uploads immediately. This way more information will be available to the user. The account is completely free.

OneDrive .ipa iPhone, iPad, iPod Free App Download | Feirox

My forum does not and will not ever have advertisements. Download Install0us: It's apparently an encrypted app. I am looking into a way to decrypt these. Does Netflix not still have an iOS 6 supported app on the appstore?

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Install0us 2 won't work to install things, but it'll be a nice download manager. Using IPA Installer, here's the screenshot. IPA installer does not support 3. I've tried downloading and installing through Install0us fail , downloading manually on PC, then putting it to Install0us for installation fail , and then I've tried using iFunBox, but it also failed. I'm using iPhone 3G 3.

The one I use for iOS 9 never lets me proceed past the config. Use rasticrac Install it and then go to terminal type su then alpine unless you changed it then type rc. I'm missing something? There is another place where the library is bigger? I open the website but there is none apps for older versions of iOS. Good initiative though. There is nothing like that outsite on internet do I'm missing something again?

I wish they still supporting iOS 5 but that is never going to happen again, unfortunately. Sorry, didn't update the links. Check out https: We are working very hard to deliver an official Legacy AppStore So an app instead of a website.

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Can't give a timeframe, but not too long from now there should be a few major releases for legacy stuff by us: I put the IPAs in this folder instead. Could you upload them for me? They are:. Spotify 0. Atomic Web 7. Flappy Bird: I had to delete the folder since I exceeded my maximum allowed storage capacity. I uploaded Atomic Web and Spotify to the forum. Games genres: Tower defense generals. Five nights at Freddy's 2. FIFA Ultimate team.

Don't want to buy full games? Looking for the best games for iOS 4. Free download is available at our site! It is very simple: Every day we add latest games to our catalog of iOS 4. Download all files just in a few seconds, even without registration! New Most Popular Best of the month Recommended. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Hello Kitty friends. Hello Kitty friends - match groups consisting of 2 and more identical characters and remove them from the playing field. Complete interesting tasks and get prizes! Game features: Many merry levels Cute characters Various bonuses Bright graphics.

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Pianista - enjoy classic music and tap white notes flying across the screen. In this game you can listen to works of great composers as well as test your ear for music and reflexes. Listen to the music rhythm and watch the notes sliding the piano. Tap the screen in time to get points. Excellent graphics Wonderful classic music Simple system of controls Different game modes.

Steampunk puzzle: Brain challenge physics game. Brain challenge physics game - plunge into the world of retro mechanisms. In the top of the screen you will see a metal ball. Your task is to drop the ball into the container placed in the screen bottom. Various obstacles, gears, pendulums and other objects will change the trajectory of the ball movement while crashing at them. Stylish graphics Realistic physics Over exciting levels High quality sound effects. Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Tower defense generals TD - play as an experienced general and take your army to victory fighting against much more numerous enemies.

Build powerful defense, place rocket launchers, machineguns, laser towers and other defense systems in the key points of the map. Be ready to face enemy tanks, flying machines and other military machinery in the battles. Oceans legends. Oceans legends -plunge into the world of ships and advetures, enjoy the sound of a tidal bore, shine of polished cannons, smell of gunpowder and view of a charming sunset on the background of your sunken enemies.

Pirates of the Caribbean sea,. Unique sea battles Over 36 kinds of combat and merchant ships Huge water areas to explore Many different events Big choice of upgrades for your fleet Realistic graphics. Wicked OZ puzzle. Wicked OZ puzzle - go on a trip around Oz country. On the way, you will meet Scarecrow, Dorothy and other famous characters. Fight against evil witches and other enemies. Win applying powerful magic and logic abilities. Sort out objects, use spells, make line of 3 and more identical objects.