Free cell phones for senior citizens in california

Do you need a free cell phone in California? We're sorry to report that there are not yet any companies that offer low-income California residents a free mobile.
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Rather than using autopay, I add data , texting, and phone minutes as needed because my usage varies from month to month depending on family events. Tracfone has overseas technicians for support but you can also call their customer service line for help. The local Walmart phone techy and the folks at Best Buy can answer a lot of your questions before you buy it.

Applying is easy!

I have found that the service is often unreliable. To start, even techno-idiots like me can set it up, order the minutes, etc.

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I also mainly use the phone for emergencies and it sure is better than my T-Mobile arrangement, which was an exasperating dud. More dead spots than a graveyard thought the amount of walking around to find a live one was good exercise.

Your Phone Company

I notice that you did not include Tracfone — For people like myself who just use the phone only for emergencies their costs are unbeatable. We will be in touch with you soon. Senior Living Blog. Julyne Derrick. Pin It. Things to Consider When Choosing a Cell Phone Plan The first thing you should do when choosing a cell phone plan is to find out what companies have decent coverage in your home and in the areas you frequent. Here are five other things to consider when choosing a plan: How much data do you plan to use?

Consider this when selecting a plan. Shared family plans. Switching plans. There are dozens of options in between. Here are six popular plans for seniors: Selecting a Phone for a Senior There are so many phones on the market, choosing a good one can be daunting. Here are tips for finding the perfect phone: Basic vs. You have two options for phones, a basic flip phone and a smartphone. Do you want apps, games and video capabilities on your phone?

Opt for a smartphone. Will you use the phone for calls and texts only? Opt for a basic flip-phone.

California Lifeline Program

Make a list: Create a list of the features needed before you shop. Read reviews: If you find a phone you like, check online to make sure it gets decent reviews. Return policy: Almost every carrier will let you return a phone with no questions asked during a to day trial period.

Test drive: Related Articles: We Can Help! Our local advisors can help your family make a confident decision about senior living. She has more than 20 years experience writing and editing for online Websites including MSN. She particularly enjoys finding solutions for the everyday issues people face as they and their loved ones age.

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California LifeLine Call Center

Ann Cetto. For individuals who reside in a federal default state, an individual must be enrolled in one of the following federal programs in order to be eligible for Lifeline service: You can quickly get started by entering your zip code in the box at the top of this page, we will then help you locate Lifeline providers in your area and provide you with information on how to apply.

Free cell phones from homeless, low-income people

You can also skip this process and browse providers for your state by clicking here. If a consumer needs assistance with telephone service, the consumer applies for the program through his or her local telephone company. If the phone company is eligible, it asks the Universal Service Fund's Low Income Program for reimbursement for the difference of the normal charge for service and the discounted rate offered to the consumer.

The carrier must file the form monthly or quarterly. Depending on the time of the year, some carriers may submit the form for up to 25 months.

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Free Cell Phones for Seniors Learn how to sign up for the Lifeline program and receive your free cell phone. Home Back to the main page. Lifeline Information By State Find providers and application information for your state.